Sky Remy Services Ltd was established in 2012 providing consulting services within the
General Aviation sector in Kenya.

In 2014, the company changed its focus and began to offer consulting services in the renewable energy field. In addition to consulting services, projects included the management of installations of both residential and larger scale industrial solar PV Systems amounting to a total of 2.1mWp in various countries such as Tanzania, Somaliland and Kenya. The smallest project included a bush camp off-grid ground mount PV system of 5kWp and the largest was an industrial grid-tie ground mount installation of 1mWp.

In 2019, Sky Remy Services Ltd was contracted to oversee the construction and manage the installation of two large scale grid-tie roof mount PV systems in Saudi Arabia amounting to a total of 3.5mWp (1.5mWp and 2mWp respectively).

Given the company’s experience in having worked on a total of over 5mWp PV system installations, Sky Remy Services Ltd has now become an important independent contractor in the construction and installation of Solar PV systems in the region.

This year has already seen a successful travel to Saudi Arabia conducting maintenance on a 2 mWp roof mount solar system.

Sky Remy Services Ltd includes a highly experienced team of engineers who are able to work under challenging conditions whether they include large scale ground or roof mount systems. Dependent on the size and location of the project, the company recruits temporary local workforces which not only significantly increases the speed at which installations are carried out, but also benefits the larger community through training and knowledge gained by the workforce in solar PV technology and related installations. Sky Remy Services Ltd fundamentally believes in “giving back” to the local community in various ways and in particular through the sharing of intellectual solar PV knowhow.

Sky Remy Services’ Ltd expertise in solar installations is backed by extensive experience which spans over a eight-year period in a diverse scope of projects ranging from the installation of foundations for ground mount and roof frames to AC/DC interconnections, communication pathways including final handover testing and commissioning.

Sky Remy Services Ltd has the vision and dedication to offer the highest quality and expertise in design, procurement, installation and consulting services.

Run on Sun.

Project Track Record

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